margaret conte

Wood Sculpture

She was so pleased that she had
won the award for the best costume.


She wouldn't admit it, although everyone
could see there was an elephant in her room.

"Sara said,
Sit ye, Rock and Think"


You're a Fine Girl

"Rene had an Angel on
Her Greenhouse"

"This Little Piggy Stayed Home"

I went to a Garden Party to Reminisce with

my Old Friends


"Holy Cow! Did you see that?"
Serena often felt she missed out on

the exciting things in life.

"With Arms Wide Open"

"Mary Merlot, and her Bullfrog"

Mine is the Sunlight, Mine is the Morning

Waiting for Adam

She could tell it was black and white

and Read all over



"Twinkle Toes at the Masked Ball"

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